Thursday, 16 February 2017

The Deeper Theory Sessions 9: Stereophonik

It's that time of the week again. The Deeper Theory Sessions is at it again, hope you enjoyed your Valentine's day and this week we got crew member Stereophonik in the mix. Hope you enjoy these selections. Here's our Valentine's day gift to you.


  1. Ilias Katelanos - The Cost of Leaving (Original Mix)
  2. Ryan Murgatroyd, Kostakis - Down Dog (Original Mix)
  3. Simplex Sensus - Program Relocation (Original Mix)
  4. Till Von Sein - 406 Lucy Ave (Original Mix)
  5. Scott Diaz - The Ocean Was Always You (Scott's Atlantic Dub)
  6. Chris Stussy - Never Tell Me (Original Mix)
  7. Matt Flores - Lady Log (Original Mix)
  8. Severin Su, A-Lord - See The Light (Pysh Remix)
  9. Chillelektro - Lubmin (Original Mix)
  10. Mark Alow - Little Helper 252-2
  11. Performative Mode - First Mode (Original Mix)
  12. Liem - Holy Grail

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