Monday, 19 December 2016

The Deeper Theory Sessions 4: MasterDee (Bassment)

This could possibly be the last mix for 2016 brought to by crew member MasterDee. this mix will air on on Wednesday 21 November 2016 and will repeat the Sunday after. Hope you enjoy these selections. From us The Deeper Theory Crew we'd like to you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.


  1. BASSMENT - Pelembe (Original Mix)
  2. Rainy Payne & Doc Link - Relax (Atjazz Remix)
  3. Bruce Loko - Catalyst (Original Mix)
  4. BASSMENT - 808 Rhythm (Original Mix)
  5. Aki Bergen - History Of Soul (Aki Bergen's Future Jazz Band Edit)
  6. Rampa - Chai Jen Jen (Original Mix)
  7. Steve Parker - Escuro (Original Mix)
  8. DJ E-Clyps-Eyes Wide Shut (Original Mix)
  9. Philipp Ort - I'm Feeling It (Original Mix)
  10. DREWXHILL - Bullets (Stimming Remix)

Download TDTS_4 Bassment

Saturday, 3 December 2016

The Deeper Theory Sessions 3: Lincoln Suole (Bassment)

This Week. We got the other half of the Bassment Duo and fellow crew member Lincoln Suole. Hope you enjoy these selections.


1. Leon Vynehall - Beyond This (Running Back)
2. Slotta - Valley So Green
3. Hush Hush - Awkward Small Talk
4. Hugo LX - It's About That Time
5. The Black 80's - Move On (Overnite Mix)
6. Funky Chocolate - Deep Moods
7. Lemon & Herb Feat Moonchild - Velani (Soulful Mix)
8. Bassment - TeckFrika (House Affexion EP)
9. Bassment - 808 Rhythm  (HouseAffexion EP)
10. Claude Monnet & Torre Bros - Megouli Awasse (Culoe De Song Window Of God Mix)

Download TDTS_3