Sunday, 14 May 2017

The Deeper Theory Sessions 15: MTDO

We back at it with The Deeper Theory Sessions. MTDO The Giant doing the business with some dub techno tunes, Hope you enjoy these selections


  1. Volunteer - Wandering Jupiter (Original mix) - DimbiDeep Music Records
  2. Pablo Bolivar - Smoke mode (Original mix) – AvantRoots Records
  3. The New Tower Generation - Eyes Dont Lie (original mix) -Freerange Records
  4. Andre Lodemann - Last Exit (Original mix) -Freerange Records
  5. Deep Montage, KaySoul - Oscillation (Original Mix) - DM.Recordings
  6. Mark Slee - Nocturne Belle (Patlac Remix) –Manjumasi Records
  7. Hyenah - Rise (original Mix) -Freerange Records
  8. Milton Jackson - Songs without Words (original mix) -Freerange Records
  9. Deep Montage - Space Travel (Original Mix) - L2M Records
  10. Bruce Loko – Xenolinguistics (original mix) – Red Bull Studios Cape Town
  11. Deepkeen - Secrets of Life (Original Mix) -Different Attitudes Records

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